Vocabulary of the Week

Here are the vocabulary words for the week of January 22nd.  The test over these words will be on Monday, January 29th.

imprisoned, verb
definition:  Put in jail
variations:  imprison, imprisons, imprisoning
Example sentence:  Christopher Columbus was imprisoned for being a terrible governor of Hispanola.

indignant, adjective
definition: angry because of an unjust or unfair situation
variations:  indignantly
Example sentence:  Several people who had been waiting in line a long time to get on the ride became indignant when they shut the ride down.

sentries, noun
definition: people who guard an entrance or stand watch
variations: sentry
Example sentence:  Sentries stood outside General Washington’s door as he met with his best soldiers.

surveyed, verb
definition: took a general look at something; looked over
variations:  survey, surveys, surveying
Example sentence: The geologist surveyed the land before she took a closer look at some particular rocks in the canyon.

warily, adjective
definition: cautiously, in a watchful way
variations: none
Example sentence: The dog moved warily around the corner, keeping watch for humans.