Week of February 12th

Dear Parents,

This week we will celebrate Great Hearts Day in our classrooms on Wednesday. We will hold a celebration focused on the virtue of Friendship.  There will be some snacks in the classroom.  If you have a student who has allergies to food, please send them an extra snack that day.

This week we will be learning the following:


We will continue reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Any quizzes previously scheduled for Monday will be on Tuesday, due to the R & R weekend.  Please ensure that your scholar brings their personal copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to school until further notice.  Students can use their personal copy of the novel when completing quizzes.  They may not share books with another student during that time. We will also be exploring the idea of perspective and problem and solution in literature.


We will learn about proper nouns and direct objects as they relate to diagramming sentences.


We will be learning about where authors get their ideas and relating that to their own writing.


In Math we will be continuing to learn about Mass and Weight.  This week we will add pounds and ounces.


We will be discovering who the Earliest Americans were and how they lived.


We are completing the Eye and Vision unit.

In partnership,

3rd Grade Team

Week of February 5th, 2018

Dear Parents,

This week we have two early release days:  Wednesday and Friday.  On Friday, the teachers have a Great Hearts In-Service in the afternoon.

On Monday, we have an assembly in the afternoon to kick of Jump Rope for Heart.  Click below to learn more about this event:


Great Hearts Day:  In February, we have our Great Hearts Day celebration coming up on February 14th.  At Great Hearts, we do not have a Valentine’s Day celebration.  Instead, we choose to celebrate the virtues that are the foundation for our core beliefs.  We will be celebrating friendship in our classroom.  The following are some reminders:

1.  We will have a celebration in the classroom that will last approximately an hour.
2. We do not allow distribution of “Valentines.”  Please do not send Valentines with your student to school.
3. Please contact the Classroom Parents for your classroom if you have questions about the celebration in your classroom.  We will be having individual celebrations for this event, so the details may vary from classroom to classroom.

A Look at this Week:

ELA:  Literature: We begin reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week.  Please ensure your student brings the book to school on Monday.  We will begin by focusing on Setting.

Grammar: We will continue focusing on sentence diagramming with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

We will have a Vocabulary Quick Check on Monday.

Math: In Maths this week we will begin learning about Mass and Weight.  We begin with grams and kilograms. There will be a quick check assessment on Friday.

History: In History we will wrap up our unit on the Vikings.  You should have seen a study guide come home on Friday.  There will be a unit test on Thursday.

Science: In science we will continue to explore our eyes and vision, learning about the eye and the brain work together.

The 3rd Grade Team