Week of August 14th, 2017


Our first week was very busy.  We are still working on learning classroom expectations and procedures as we go into our second week.  It was so busy last week, we decided to hold off on beginning History and Science until this week.   

There may be some indoor recess days this week, due to the excessive heat.  If you would like to send a deck of cards or a board game with your scholar (we could keep a few in the classroom until it cools off), that would be wonderful.  We want them to have a chance to socialize and relax, but it’s been very hot outside. 

School pictures are this week on Tuesday, August 15th.   

We will soon be implementing “Graded Work Folders” that will go home every Friday.  Please be sure to be checking your student’s agenda each day. 

English Language Arts 

Spalding: Students will practice cursive handwriting and begin intermediate notebooks (only done in class) 

Literature: Students will continue reading Pinocchio with a focus on asking and answering questions. Assessment for this skill will be on Friday. Wednesday we will also complete our first classroom seminar using the Touchpebbles curriculum.  

Grammar: Students will classify practice sentences, review seven parts of speech, review clauses, study simple, compound, and complex sentences, comma splices, run on sentences, and fragments. 

Writing: Students will examine steps in the writing process, discuss writing traits, and figures of speech.  


In history this week, we will be brushing up on our map skills.  Students should be able to find information on a map by the end of the week. 


This week in Maths we will be learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We will finish the week with a review of Unit 1 concepts: (4 digit numbers, number place value, comparing numbers to 10,000, and number patterns), and taking our first assessment on these topics on Friday, August 18th. 


In Science, we are starting the year with Animal Classification.  We will be discussing how we classify organisms and learning about taxonomy.  For taxonomy, we like to use a mnemonic device to aid in remembering the different levels:  King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti = Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Week of August 7th


Parents, thank you so much for helping to make the first day of school a smooth transition from summer break.  The 3rd Grade Team had a blast on the first day of school with all our scholars.  We are sure that this will be filled with learning and laughter. 

Please be sure to read the Headmaster Updates each week.  They always have important information about upcoming events.  This week featured information about drop off and pick up.  If you are not receiving the Headmaster Updates, please contact Richelle Petersen (rpetersen@archwaylincoln.org). 

Students should have brought home their agendas and their yellow homework folder.  If these items were not brought home, please contact me so I can make sure it makes it in their backpack on Monday.   

Snack Time is directly before our 10:05 recess in the morning.  Please make sure your child’s snack is nut free and healthy.  No candy is allowed as a snack in the classroom.  Snacks that are not covered in cheese dust (Cheetos, Doritos, etc.) are preferred as they become very messy.

English Language Arts 

Literature: we will begin reading Pinocchio.  As we read, we will be practicing the skill of asking and answering questions.  For this first week, we will be reading up through chapter three of Pinocchio. We will not be doing a reading log this year, but please expect literature homework every night! Every Friday we will be having an assessment on the skill taught that week.

Grammar: we will be reviewing parts of speech.

Writing: we begin with the writing traits of ideas and organization.  We will also be looking at the writing process and what makes a paragraph.

Spalding: we will be introducing how a Spalding lesson works, including: the scholarly position, correct pencil grip, reviewing manuscript writing and introducing cursive writing. We will start the Ayers list for spelling words the week of August 21st.


In history this week, we will be brushing up on our map skills.  Students should be able to find information on a map by the end of the week. 


In math, we begin Singapore math with relating 4-digit numbers, place value, comparing numbers within 10,000, number patterns and rounding to the nearest 10.  Rounding has traditionally been a tricky topic for third graders.  One way to support your scholar would be to ask them to round numbers to the nearest ten.  For example, while in the car you could ask “What is 47 rounded to the nearest ten?”  Rounding will begin on Friday of this week. 


In Science, we are starting the year with Animal Classification.  We will be discussing how we classify organisms and learning about taxonomy.  For taxonomy, we like to use a mnemonic device to aid in remembering the different levels:  King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti = Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. 






I am very excited to welcome you to Archway Classical Academy Lincoln’s 3A class. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that I will be your child’s teacher for the 2017/2018 school year. This year is going to be filled with much joy and engagement in learning. I can’t wait to begin!

I am a native to Arizona. I attended Arizona State University where I received a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. I also hold a Masters in Education (Educational Technology) from Northern Arizona University and am currently pursuing an additional Masters in Humanities in Classical Education from the University of Dallas.

I was a member of the founding staff of Archway Lincoln and this will be my third year teaching 3rd grade with Great Hearts. The upcoming school year will be my 10th year teaching as I have previously taught grades 2nd, 4th and 6th – 8th with the Casa Grande Elementary School District. I believe it is very important to collaborate with my fellow colleagues to create an intensive, enjoyable, and positive learning experience for my students. I am very pleased to continue working with Miss Bowers and new colleagues to the 3rd grade team Mrs. Lew and Mrs. Buske.

Returning with me this year is my fabulous Teacher Assistant, Maria Pape. Miss Pape received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College. After college she returned to her hometown of Boise, Idaho and taught 5-10th grade classes for Aaron Academy and Boise Classical Academy. A belief in the moral, as well as intellectual education of students led her to Great Hearts. She joined the founding staff of Archway Lincoln and has cherished working with the 3rd and 5th grade students there. In addition to her love of classical education and pursuit of knowledge, Miss Pape enjoys singing in choir, reading literature, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.

Our 3rd grade curriculum is truly a joy to teach! The information the students will learn is insightful and captivating as we journey through learning together. The socratic discussions that the students have with myself and their peers shows how we work as a community. I am so grateful to guide the students as they explore Roman History, Canada, exploring the solar system and many more content enriched subjects.

In partnership,
Mrs. Cowen and Miss Pape


Important Dates and Information:

August 2nd: Meet the Teacher Night (Sign Up Genius)
Please bring all classroom supplies from the supply list. Students will be able to find their desks, cubby, and will drop off supplies.
As a reminder all backpacks, lunch boxes, and supplies must be clear of pop culture items.
The following items should be labeled with your child’s name:
Backpack, lunch box, reusable water bottle (sport top), binders, folders, scissors, pencil bag, ruler, crayons, twistables.
Please also label your child’s Archway sweater.

The following supplies are shared and will be collected at Meet the Teacher Night:
Ticonderoga pencils, red pencils, glue sticks, erasers, dry erase markers, loose leaf paper, copy paper, highlighters, and Play-Doh.

August 4th: (8:05 a.m start/3:10 p.m dismissal) First Day of School
Start time for school is 8:05 a.m. Doors will open for drop off at 7:40 a.m. After 8:05 a.m students must check in at the office.
Singapore math books will be handed out on the first day of school.
Please have you child bring Pinocchio. All other literature books will be remain at home until further notice.
Lunch during the first week of school must be brought from home. There will be NO hot lunches during the first week of school.

If you have chosen not to send your child to Archway Lincoln this coming year please email Richelle Petersen (rpetersen@archwaylincoln.org) in the front office so she can remove your child’s name from the roster.